Saturday, 21 October 2017

Inktober 2017

Hey fine reader. Have not blogged for a little while so should probably update you that I've been doing Shoetob-sorry-Inktober over on Instagram. Well I was.. I was pretty consistent with it for 15 days but something important came up that I had to give my full attention to. You'll just have to trust me on that..

It's cool though, still practicing with ink and I expect to post a few more before the month is out (uh-oh did I just make another promise to the internet?..). I'm definitely not feeling defeated about dropping the daily part of the challenge. Have completed it and failed it before and honestly being so hooked into the internet daily drives me a little crazy. Some days I'd smash out an ink drawing before 9am and feel really good but other days..if it's not working out...well it sucks you away from all your other projects. On day 17 I did a picture that took way long and I didn't even like it enough to post online. I thought "that's a bad egg. I'm just posting it to stay in the game" so I stopped. It feels better to step back and avoid leaving a trail of unsatisfying work or unfulfilled commissions.

I've been concentrating on simple objects and from life for the most part.  Shoe's have been a good go-to still life subject! They're simple objects but with just enough variation in design to keep me interested. I walk a lot and think about my health, I'm pulled to nature. Maybe that has come through in some of my choices of subject matter.

Oh and the tools! they also interest me. Now,  I don't believe the tools make the artist, but I do think if you give them a little love they might give you a little back. If you enjoy using a nice brush or a cool dip-pen, I think you'll get good results with them but to offset that I also wanted to do some quick sketches with a regular old bic biro to just show you don't need to spend any money to do pen and ink. Anyway enjoy the rest of the month guys (spook season coming ;)) It's been great to see everyones work.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Warton Arms, Woodmansey

Little sketch of the Warton Arms in Woodmansey. Watercolour has this ability to make me feel like a total amateur but I enjoy it so much! Gotta keep at it. Maybe I can embarrass myself into improving this tricky medium. 

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Sketchdump Sunday 27/8/17

Watercolour value sketch from Bouguereau and some line work. I sketched and inked the pepper in Photoshop from life, it was just on the desk in front of me. The hands are a study to help inform another piece. Have been playing with watercolours a lot more though ha!.. just with quite a high fail rate! Sometimes best to just swirl it around and let it do it's own thing. 

Monday, 7 August 2017

Colin Portrait

Can finally show this one.. This pencil portrait is a memorial piece in remembrance of good ol' Colin Eagle. Huge thanks to the Eagle's for the opportunity  x

and here's something rather lovely that Colin's sister wrote to me - 'Thank you so much Steve for the most amazing portrait. You have captured my late brother's expression exactly and brought him back to life for my family. Such a brilliant likeness. I wholeheartedly recommend Steve's work to anyone out there looking for something special. You have a unique talent Steve. Thank you again."

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Sketchdump Sunday 6/8/17

Some anatomy and unfinished thing. 1) sketchbook 2) digital and 3) watercolour. That flat. Need to work on hands and noses! Don't get bored of my studies, they'll make me better ;) Should have a new pencil piece to show you during the week!